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Living in Costa Rica

Living in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the safest and most attractive countries for foreign investments in all of Latin America. The Costa Rican government and financial institutions maintain a strong U.S. ties in regard to financial security and tax laws.  Costa Rica has great health care institutions, great climate and the beaches are just an hour drive from Escazu, San Jose.

Costa Rica Real Estate Investments

Investment in Costa Rican properties are solid. Buying real estate outside the US can help to preserve wealth.

Real estate in Costa Rica has been, and will continue to be a solid place to invest.


Costa Rica offers peaceful days at the beach, whitewater rafting to sailing, diving, snorkeling, surfing, fishing to whale watching, mountain biking, cycling, and kayaking, trips to the rain forest and to the volcano and much much more. The lifestyle in Costa Rica is very diverse. While adventure and activities fill your days, let serenity and relaxation fill your nights.

Health Care

Costa Rica’s  health care is considered one of the best healthcare systems in Latin America. Private care providers are very reasonably priced and world class, with many doctors that speak excellent English and who have studied abroad in Europe, Canada or the U.S. Prices for treatments in Costa Rica can be as much as 60% less than what you will find in the U.S., with the quality being the same or better. The medical landscape and hospital outlook in Costa Rica is far greater than any other country in Latin America, and primary care for children is becoming the focus of the Costa Rican government.

Climate and the Environment

Costa Rica is a tropical country, situated close to the Caribbean area and the equator.  The temperature above 2000 meters in the mountains are cool, the average annual temperature for most of the country lies between 21.7°C (71°F) and 27°C (81°F).  The rainy season starts in May through November, and the warmest from December to April.  San José, the capital, where over a third of the population lives, stands at approximately 1100 meters altitude and on average has an annual temperature of 20.5C (69°F).

Cost of Living in Costa Rica

The cost of living in Costa Rica is 20% to 30% lower than that of the United States. Retirees can live comfortably on only Social Security, or lavishly, with a bit more money. U.S. retirees living in Costa Rica also have the option of having their Social Security pension deposited directly into a national bank, which may give a more favorable currency exchange rate. In addition, retirees living in Costa Rica are eligible for pensioner residency status which enables them to bring personal effects, household items and a vehicle into the country without the typical government taxation. A luxury such as a housekeeper is readily available and inexpensive; about $600 per month for a full-time staff person.

Retire in Costa Rica

Since it is becoming obvious that most retirees will be unable to afford the lifestyle they want in the United States, many are retiring to destinations such as Costa Rica.  As a result of this international trend, Costa Rica is experiencing the early stages of a land boom. The Costa Rica real estate market will absolutely have a long-term sustainable boom because it is based upon new flows of wealth from the Canada, Europe and the US.